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We Repair Sprinkler Systems & DIY Consulting

Layton Sprinklers is committed to excellence in every aspect of our business. We uphold a standard of integrity bound by fairness, honesty and personal responsibility.

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One Stop Sprinkler Repair & info

We will get your sprinkler system tuned up so your yard looks great for your summer enjoyment. 

You want to make changes to your yard? We will consult with you to design a sprinkler system and show the proper way to install your system that will give you optimal coverage. We’d love to be your Easy Choice!

Layton Sprinklers Services

Layton Sprinkler Repairs


  • Turn on your water (Stop and Waste if culinary systems, or open the ball or gate valves when secondary systems)
  • Check your filter and clean if needed (Most Secondary systems have filters)
  • Check/Set-up your backflow device (Culinary Systems)
  • Tune up your system by checking sprinkler heads and adjust for your optimum coverage. (We’ll give recommendations if needed)
  • Schedule/Program your Automated Controller/Clock
Layton Sprinkler Repairs


  • Sprinklers staying on
  • Broken or bad sprinkler heads
  • Broken sprinkler lines
  • Valves not working
  • Controller/Clock/Update to Wireless
Layton Sprinkler Installs Design

DIY CONSULTING (25+ Years Experience)

For our “Do It Yourself” Clients/Customers

  • New Landscape
  • Redesign/Remodel your yard
  • Better Coverage to save on water usage
  • We can assist you in saving anywhere from hundreds to a few thousand dollars

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Layton Sprinklers

We Have Experience

Layton Sprinklers was established in 2022. Paul Howard created Layton Sprinklers to help his son Brad Howard transition from his sprinkler company, “Easy Choice Sprinklers”, so Brad can pursue his chosen career.

Paul Howard has over 25 years in the property maintenance and landscape industry. He has done sprinkler/landscaping on residential homes, strip malls, apartment complexes, and industrial complexes.

We offer extraordinary customer service with the friendly professionals at Layton Sprinklers. We understand you have many choices when it comes to hiring a sprinkler or landscape contractor. We deliver superior quality work at a competitive and fair price. The commitment and love we have for our profession and our desire for your satisfaction are important to us, therefore we invest time by actively training our staff in the latest techniques and methodology.


Why Choose Us

Satisfaction Guarantee

We make sure all our buyers are satisfied with a product and our service.

A One-Stop Shop

At Layton Sprinklers we are the solution
to most of your sprinkler needs.

DIY Consultation

We will do a zoom call where you show us the problem and we’ll explain how to fix it.