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Sprinkler Services

We will get your sprinkler system tuned up so your yard looks great for your summer enjoyment. You want to make changes to your yard? We will design and install a sprinkler system that will give you optimal coverage. If you have a new landscape and want your sprinklers done right the first time we are your Easy Choice! We’d love to serve you!

Layton Sprinkler Repairs


  • Sprinklers staying on
  • Broken or bad sprinkler heads
  • Broken sprinkler lines
  • Valves not working
  • Controller/Clock/Update to Wireless
Layton Sprinkler Installs Design

DIY CONSULTING (25+ Years Experience)

For our “Do It Yourself” Clients/Customers

  • New Landscape
  • Redesign/Remodel your yard
  • Better Coverage to save on water usage

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Are you in need of a sprinkler repair in Layton Utah or nearby cities? If you have a broken sprinkler head, a guizer, a broken line, valve problems, want to update your controlor to wireless or tune your system to get maximum coverage we would love to work with you! SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT WITH US TODAY!

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At Layton Sprinklers we are the solution
to most of your sprinkler needs.

DIY Consultation

We will do a zoom call where you show us the problem and we’ll explain how to fix it.

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